This site intends no disrespect to traditional scriptures. Its only goal is to select what seems to be the most important and spiritually meaningful verses from the text while at once excluding any scripture that seems rather unimportant to spiritual practice, or suggests violence or is somehow vulgar. Occasional amendments and insertions are made to make the text readable. And sometimes, the text’s original meaning is inverted from a God that is punishing to a God that is compassionate. (This happens often in the Book of Revelation, for instance where phrases like the “wrath of God” is taken out, only the world “God” is kept).

Hopefully, in reading these “new” scriptures one feels supremely uplifted. It is hope that spiritual energy is felt in every passage that is read. God/Allah in these texts is forgiving, loving, and merciful. He provides boon and eternal life. His angels abound to help you. The Freed Scriptures are freed from fear of a punishing God, of torment, of hell.

The study of the traditional scripture is very useful for many, and again, this text is not meant to deny the efficacy of such study of original scripture.

Note on Hell and Punishment: Hell is not spoken of in the Freed Scriptures. It does not mean “hell” does not exist. Instead, it seems that hell would be a temporary “location” for the guilty (or better yet, guilt ridden) soul. The soul would find itself therein that state of being by its own decisions and actions (the decisions and actions have consequences in the system God established). But in these scriptures, no soul would be stationed in hell eternally – an all forgiving, merciful, and loving Lord could do no such thing. It would be a contradiction of His nature.

Other notes: Historical and narrative continuity is not aimed for or maintained. Again, verses may be pieced together in ways that are not aligned with the original meaning of the verse or context of the scripture, but do support the goal of this project by making the Almighty all loving and compassionate. Proper names and nouns and other terms are sometimes swapped for generic pronouns, different similar terms, or eliminated. This was done so those without any previous background in any scripture can still feel spiritual uplift – and feel it immediately. Lastly, we take no position on different translations of texts. We used the links listed under our “Sources” at the bottom of the page to create the scriptures.