This reimagined version of sacred texts is crafted with the utmost respect for original scriptures, seeking not to undermine their significance but to highlight the most spiritually enriching verses. The focus is on passages that resonate with profound spiritual practices, deliberately omitting any segments that might seem less relevant, advocate violence, or contain explicit content. To enhance readability, we’ve undertaken occasional revisions and additions, sometimes reinterpreting the original essence from a punitive Divine to a benevolent One. This approach is particularly noticeable in books like Revelation, where references to “God’s wrath” are modified, retaining only the compassionate aspect of the Divine.

Our aspiration is for readers to find these refreshed scriptures deeply inspiring, feeling an invigorating spiritual energy with every line they peruse. Herein, God/Allah emerges as forgiving, nurturing, and merciful, a generous provider of blessings and eternal life, surrounded by angels ready to assist you. These Freed Scriptures invite you to a space liberated from the dread of retribution, anguish, or hell.

We acknowledge the immense value in studying traditional scriptures and do not propose this version as a replacement but as an alternative perspective.

Regarding Hell and Punishment: The concept of hell is absent in the Freed Scriptures, not to negate its existence but to suggest a different understanding. It is portrayed as a transitory realm for souls burdened with guilt, a state self-imposed through one’s choices and deeds, which bear consequences within the divine order. However, these scriptures advocate the belief that no soul remains in hell forever, as perpetual damnation contradicts the forgiving, merciful, and loving essence of the Supreme Being.

Additional Insights: We do not pursue or preserve historical and narrative consistency. Verses might be reassembled or interpreted in a manner divergent from their original context or meaning, aligning instead with our mission to depict the Almighty as wholly loving and compassionate. Specific names, nouns, and terms are occasionally replaced with generic counterparts or omitted altogether, ensuring immediate spiritual connectivity, even for individuals without prior exposure to these texts. Finally, we remain neutral regarding various text translations, relying instead on the resources cited in our “Sources” section for crafting these scriptures.